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#505... Earth Day Reprise
Released April 30, 2005
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Earth Day Report
We check into a local Earth Day rally, and talk to the young adults in attendance about what it means to be an environmentalist. While we're there, we chat with some scientists who study the Upper Mississippi River bioregion.
Car Free!
It can be done. Car dependence is a major economic burden and a huge source of stress. We discuss the whys and hows.
The Lorax
For Obbie, reading this classic by Dr. Seuss has been an Earth Day tradition for most of his life. A couple of key passages are read during the show.
  Wind Farms
Getting electricity from wind does have its place in a sustainable civilization, but it's not a completely benign source of energy. Many people are resisting the installation of wind farms in their neighborhoods. Obbie muses on this developement, and reacts to a couple of recent newspaper articles on the topic.
In Wisconsin, tilting at windmills is a serious matter
Christian Science Monitor, 2005-04-25

An ugly face of ecology
The Guardian, 2005-04-26
  Non-toxic Cleaning Products
Many of the cleaners that we use around our houses are quite toxic. It's really easy to make our own non-toxic cleaners with stuff that most of us have around.
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Lovers Of Light Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2: Release
Driftwork Bill Laswell-Sacred System Nagual Site
And God Said ... World Party Bang!
Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme Frank Zappa Strictly Genteel
Drums Widespread Panic Another Joyous Occasion
Bandi X-Tribe Drum Circle
Iwoya AngŽlique Kidjo Black Ivory Soul
Eighth House Adamski Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy
Sploosh! Ozric Tentacles Strangeitude
Tabasco Rythem James Asher Globalarium
Tanto Tempo (Peter Kruder Remix) Sultan32 Earth 'n' Bass - Volume One
Plekete Zap Mama Adventures in Afropea 1
The Ancient Egyptians Poi Dog Pondering Wishing Like A Mountain And Thinking Like The Sea
Spending The Day In The Shirt You Wore Poi Dog Pondering Wishing Like A Mountain And Thinking Like The Sea
Loup>Blatant Ripoff>Low Rider Keller Williams 2/1/02 Greenville, NC Set 1
The Acoustic Motorbike Luka Bloom The Acoustic MotorBike
Time Is Free Col. Bruce Hampton And The Aquarium Rescue Unit Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit
Forma 2000 Nicola Conte Bossa Per Due
Lost Tribes Joe Zawinul & The Zawinul Syndicate Lost Tribes
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