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#504... Earth Day
Released April 23, 2005
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What came first, the birds or the guys in red robes who pick the pope?

And has anybody seen cardinals (the bird) outside of North America?
Cardinals at enature.com
Etymology of cardinal (scroll down)
Earth Day Stories
Obbie recounts the history of the first Earth Day and its link to Senator Gaylord Nelson... then he shares memories from Earth Day in high school in 1970, and in New York City in 1990.
Gaylord Nelson biography
All About Earth Day, and
Earth Day '70: What It Meant by Gaylord Nelson
  What Is an Environmentalist?
An innocent little encounter with some well-intentioned and good-hearted college students lead both Obbie and RoZ into rants on the meaning of environmentalism... From there, we share some recycling tips, and whinge on the lack of recycling opportunities in a city with a trash-burning power plant.
  Kenn Maly on Sustainability
Dr. Maly is a philosophy professor at the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse who teaches sustainability as part of that school's Environmental Studies program. The conversation ranges from the philosophical to the pragmatic.
The Sand County Almanac,
by Aldo Leopold
  Economic Secession
What do we do to be better environmentalists? We start by reducing our consumption. Obbie dusts off one of his favorite rants for Earth Day.
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Lovers Of Light Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2: Release
Arborescence Ozric Tentacles Arborescence
When The Music's Over The Doors Strange Days
Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell Mis s es
Signs Shriekback Sacred City
(Nothing But) Flowers Talking Heads Sand in the Vaseline Popular Favorites
Skin Up Medicine Drum Earth Dance
Ayers Rock Bubble Eyes Wally Badarou Words Of A Mountain
Indentured Class Robert Hoyt Mind's Eye
Defend The Earth Alice Di Micele if a tree falls
Outland Cybertribe Immortality
Origins Glen Velez Rhythms Of The Chakras: Drumming For The Body's Energy Centers
Dance Of The Hunter's Fire Planet Drum Best Of Both Worlds
Oh Yeah Los Lobos This Time
Ya Shadil Al-Han Turbo Tabla Bellydance Overdrive
Road Opener Eric Casillas Hearts, Hands & Hides
In Every Corner Of The Forest (Part 2) Bill Miller Raven In The Snow
Song Of The Trees John Trudell if a tree falls
Canyon Dance Bill Miller Loon, Mountain, And Moon
Lost Tribes Joe Zawinul & The Zawinul Syndicate Lost Tribes
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