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#503... Beyond the Beyond
Released April 15, 2005
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A Tribute to Hunter S. Thompson
Just as this program went into production, the author Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide. We decided to produce a tribute to some of his writing that will live on forever.

  The Line at the Pearly Gates
The Grim Reaper had a busy week recently, and it got us musing on the implications of some afterlife myths. If there is such a place as the "Pearly Gates", there's a long line of people waiting to get in.

It makes us wonder what it's like to wait in that line.
  News of the Week...
A recent study declared that meat and milk from cloned cattle are "safe" but...
Why do we need this??

And what is going on in Kyrgyzstan? This (seemingly) desolate Central Asian country is the latest in a series of former Soviet Republics to have a coup that transfers power to a pro-western government... We talk with someone we know who's been to Kyrgyzstan about what kind of country it really is, and what the place is like.
The "cloned cattle" story
Rumsfeld in Kyrgyzstan
  RoZ reads from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
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Death Don't Have No Mercy Grateful Dead Acid Test Tapes - Disk 1
Albuquerque Neil Young Tonight's The Night
Hog Heaven Frank Zappa Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar
Campaigner Neil Young Decade
Kick 98 Ozric Tentacles Swirly Termination
Consciousness Synaesthesia Desideratum
Path Finder Crude Infinity Trancespotting II
Home On The Strange R. Carlos Nakai Quartet Ancient Future
The Severed Garden Jim Morrison and The Doors The Doors (Soundtrack)
Good And Evil David Byrne Rei Momo
Spyroid Ozric Tentacles Curious Corn
War Pigs Black Sabbath Paranoid
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