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#506... Conversations with First Nations
Released May 8, 2005
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The Ojibwa and Wild Rice
Daniel Poler discusses relationship between the Ojibwa Nation and wild rice, and how a proposed copper mine threatened that way of life.

How Indians Use Wild Plants...
by Frances Densmore
Oral History and Language
Tracy Littlejohn of the Ho-Chunk Nation discusses the importance of oral history to the Ho-Chunk culture, and of efforts to preserve the Ho-Chunk language.
  Culture, Sovereignty, and Statehood
Matt Stewart, a young activist with the Ojibwa Nation, discusses the preservation of culture, and how American culture of consumerist capitalism is destroying other cultures around the world.
The Racism of Sports Logos
We meet Barbara Munson of the Oneida Nation, who chairs the Wisconsin Indian Education Association's "Indian Mascot and Logo Taskforce". She explains why the use of First Nations imagery for school mascots and logos is a harmful form of racism, especially in the K-12 school districts.
  The Origins of May Day
We briefly summarize the results of our research on the origins of May Day the springtime celebration of fertility, and May Day the celebration of organized labor and workers' rights.

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Lovers Of Light Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2 : Release
Crathadh 't 'Aodaich and Zbadba (A Capella, Gaels) Best Of Both Worlds Volume 1
Ancestor Song Robbie Robertson Music for the Native Americans
Fruits Of Labor Glen Velez Rhythms Of The Chakras: Drumming For The Body's Energy Centers
Buffalo Nation Little Wolf Band Dream Song
Invoking The Hawk's Spirit Mesa Music Consort Hearts, Hands and Hides
Drummer's Journey Native Flute Ensemble Hearts, Hands and Hides
Coyote Dance Little Wolf Band Dream Song
There Is You Bill Miller Ghostdance
Bird Dead Can Dance A Passage In Time
Priests Of The Golden Bull Buffy Sainte-Marie if a tree falls
Give-a-Way Alain Eskinasi Chakradancer
Mahk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song) Robbie Robertson Music for the Native Americans
Whippoorwill R. Carlos Nakai Quartet Kokopelli's Cafe
Everything Is Fine Adamski Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy
Akua Tuta Robbie Robertson Music for the Native Americans
Kingsik Biswas / K-ascendant Talvin Singh Anokha - Soundz Of The Asian Underground
Flintstones Black Lodge Singers Kids' Pow-Wow Songs
Ovombo Summit Bla Fleck and The Flecktones Live at the Quick
Noorie Bally Sagoo Asian Groove
Coyote Dance Robbie Robertson Music for the Native Americans
The Final Word Bill Miller Raven In The Snow
Paint The Mood Red James Asher Globalarium
euphoria (firefly) Delerium Karma
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