A Different Reality

A Different Reality is an entertaining and
thought-provoking audio zine to promote a sustainable civilization.

#601 ... The Money Rant
Released February 20,2006
Duration: 14:16
Broadband, 19.6 MB Dial-up, 2.5 MB
The Money Rant
For a civilization to be sustainable, it requires a different attitude about money. In its pure form, money represents consumption of material and labor. So if we learn to reduce our consumption, we also learn how to live on less money.

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Music played on A Different Reality - The Money Rant....
Name Artist Album
Lovers Of Light Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2: Release
Money purplearth garage band unreleased
Money Pink Floys Dark Side of the Moon
I Hate Money Robert Hoyt Dumpster Diving Across America
Money Honey Jerry Garcia Band Shining Star
Can't Buy Me Love Beatles A Hard Day's Night
No More Neil Young Freedom
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