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A Different Reality is an entertaining and
thought-provoking audio zine to promote a sustainable civilization.

Our First Show (#501)... Foundation and Morale
Released April 1, 2005
Broadband, 57MB Dial-up, 20 MB
The Saint Stupid's Day Parade
Silliness, absurdity and activism on April Fools Day in San Francisco.
We walk the "stations of stupidity" in the financial district.
While you listen to our comments on the parade, check out our page of pictures.
  The Foundation Rant
Air, water, soil, life, and resources.
Food, clothing, shelter, health care, and morale.
We lay out our topic areas as the foundation of all discussions to come.
  The World According To Elvis
The Ghost of Elvis Presley visits our studio to repeat some of his most profound statements.
Beat Poetry
Remembering a San Francisco neighborhood that still reverberates with the words of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Jack Kerouac.
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This weeks music list...
Name Artist Album
Lovers Of Light Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2: Release
Thrashing Breath Texture Ozric Tentacles Afterswish
Snake In The Grass (Fear Of The Unkown) Adam Plack & Johnny Soames Winds Of Warning
Kopanitsa Enver Ismailov Unblocked - Music Of Eastern Europe (Disc 1)
Tarab Nicky Skopelitis Ekstasis
Oduzimas Mi Dah Colonia Cleopatra Cafˇ: Vol. 2
Hound Dog Elvis Presley Forrest Gump The Soundtrack
Massaggio Galore Frank Zappa Jazz from Hell
Can't Help Falling in Love Luka Bloom The Acoustic MotorBike
Hound Dog The Jimi Hendrix Experience Radio One
Tighten Up Yellow Magic Orchestra Kyoretsu na Rhythm
Shiva-Loka Alice Coltrane Journey in Satchidananda
Take Two - Ken Kesey Grateful Dead Acid Test Tapes
The Gnome Emerson, Lake & Palmer Pictures at an Exhibition
Industrial Elephant Hunt BCR Off-World Beat
Ch'ai Ozric Tentacles Waterfall Cities
Life Is Good Los Lobos Colossal Head
Eik Din II Dhol Foundation Big Drum: Small World
Good Day Sunshine The Beatles Revolver
Sub-Aqua Dr. Didg Dust Devils
Vee Dee Vu Trancemission Trance Misson
San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation) Jack Kerouac The Beat Generation - Vol. 1
Epistrophy Thelonious Monk Ken Burns Jazz
Skarga Podhala Zbigniew Namyslowski Unblocked - Music Of Eastern Europe
Mr. Pitiful The Commitments The Commitments
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