Week 7, part 11

A variety of Christiania living spaces graces the sides of this page.

A funny thing happened on the way back to our room Sunday night. We stopped at a convenience store for some snacks for the next day's train trip. We also wanted a beer to drink in our room before bed, but couldn't find any. We asked the clerk, "is there somewhere nearby where we can buy a beer to take home with us?" "You can buy it here," she replied, pointing to a display cooler next to her with a curtain draped over it. "We're not supposed to sell beer after 8 o'clock, but what kind of beer would you like?" Such regulations are usually in place to reduce alcoholism and public drunkenness, but it was good to see that violations in the letter of the law can be overlooked as long as the spirit of the law is followed. We went back to our room with our snacks and one beer.

The only decent breakfast we could find on Monday (November 19) morning was in Christiania, so we went back there one last time. We had a great chat with a guy who introduced himself as Pierre, who chastised us for not seeing anything else in Copenhagen. We chastised ourselves a little bit, as we'd wanted to dash to the Little Mermaid and back before our train left, but it was not to be. Two relaxing days in Christiania was what we needed, and hysterically scampering around the city did not appeal to us at this point. One day we will come back to this city for a much more extended and proper visit.

Pierre rode the bus with us to the train station, occasionally puffing on a bowl of cannabis as he went. We bid a fond farewell to Pierre, Christiania, and Copenhagen from the train station; and we boarded a train back to Hamburg. Next week we'll tell you about our night in Bremen, our time in Holland, and an ex-patriot Thanksgiving celebration in Freiburg. We're falling behind on our writing, as week 8 is complete and week 9 is well underway. Hopefully you'll hear about our eighth week in Europe before we arrive in La Crosse this coming Saturday (December 1).

Hope everyone is enjoying life while we enjoy our home stretch. ---- Obbie and RoZ

Week 8 ... Staying in Haarlem and visiting Amsterdam.
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