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In 2001, Obbie and RoZ spent 9 weeks in Europe. The first three weeks were spent in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
CELTIC HISTORY; BRIEFLY... - a brief history and a variety of links concerning Celts past and present.
Celtic Europe - online resource for students, with a good bibliography plus language and archeological information.
Irish phrases - common phrases, days of the week, days of the month, etc., with phonetic pronounciation. also has a lot of great information about Ireland.
A guide to Welsh Language Pronunciation; and Rambling, Walking and Hiking in the UK.
Some Common Confusions on the words we use to describe Celtic areas such as Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, the British Isles, and England.
Common Gaelic greetings - yes, there are common gaelic greetings, but this site is mainly about our indigenous Americans. Great resource for anyone interested in indigenous languages and cultures.
Céilidh - Wikipedia entry explains ceilidh or ceili, a social dance in Ireland, Scotland and Atlantic Canada. There are also groups in the US and elsewhere.
What is ceili dancing? - general questions and answers regarding ceili dancing.
What is Irish Dance? - explains the various forms of Irish Dance.
Webfeet | Schottisches - Lots of information regarding English ceilidh, Morris dancing and other folk dances. Also lots of stuff on different Celtic groups.
Whirling Rainbow
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